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Composite Wing Quad Wing Flex Drone Aero Quad Enduro Composite Wing Quad Wing Flex Drone Aero Quad Enduro


Composite Wing Quad Wing Flex Drone Aero Quad Enduro

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Main Features
  • Practicality and efficiency: features long endurance, fast speed, long distance and large load capacity of fixed-wing UAVs
  • Vertical take-off and landing: features vertical take-off and landing of rotary-wing UAVs, significantly reducing the requirements for take-off and landing sites and airspace
  • Low cost: no need for complex and bulky launch and recovery equipment, no need for additional recovery sensors
  • Easy operation: integrated with specialized flight control and navigation system, the whole process is fully autonomous, the operator only needs to send the flight plan, no need for professional training and operating experience
  • Compact system: no complex auxiliary equipment required, easy transportation, unfolding, maintenance and withdrawal
  • R-UAV-009


Redefining Aerial Excellence

Meet the R-UAV-009 – a groundbreaking fusion of fixed-wing efficiency and quadrotor versatility. This oil-powered long endurance VTOL fixed-wing marvel is designed to conquer any mission with ease. It becomes adept at navigating mountainous, hilly, jungle, and urban environments, making it an invaluable industrial-grade UAV solution. With a maximum payload capacity of 30kg, a maximum take-off weight of 90kg, and a cruising speed of up to 120km/h, the R-UAV-009 stands out as a versatile and efficient aerial platform.

With a wingspan of 4800mm and a length of 2580mm, the R-UAV-009 can carry a maximum payload of 30kg and take off with a weight of up to 90kg. Its maximum cruising speed of 120km/h and endurance of 2 hours ensure reliable performance over any distance.

Operating within a radius of 100km to 400km, depending on fuel levels, and with a maximum control distance of up to 300km from the ground station, the R-UAV-009 offers unparalleled freedom and connectivity.

Built to withstand wind speeds of up to Level 6 and temperatures ranging from -10℃ to 45℃, this UAV is ready for action in any environment. Its VTOL capabilities, powered by a 25L fuel tank and 4*8500mAh 12S lithium batteries, ensure smooth take-offs and landings.

Whether you're conducting surveys, search and rescue missions, or monitoring vast landscapes, the R-UAV-009 is your ultimate aerial companion.

Technical Specifications







Maximum Take-Off Weight



2h (30kg payload, normal atmospheric temperature, normal pressure, windless)

Maximum Speed


Cruising Speed


Operating Radius


(Depends on the fuel on board)

Maximum Control Distance

Remote control (Manual): 1km

Ground control station: 100km~300km



Wind Resistance Capability

Level 6 (10.8m/s~13.8m/s)

Operating Temperature


(Can fly in light rain)

Fuel Tank Capacity


VTOL Power Battery

4*8500mAh 12S Lithium

Take-Off and Landing


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