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Ragine Tech, 

Make Low-altitude Safer

Hangzhou Ragine Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. stands as a global leader in providing lo-altitude security system solutions. We specialize in the research, development, design, production, and sales of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) countermeasure systems.
Though years of extensive industry practice, we have cultivated robust technological reserves and industrialization capabilities.

Low-Altitude Security System Solutions

Delving Deep Into Low Altitude Security Field

We know that sustainable development is the only way to secure the future of Ragine.
Since establishment, we have attached great importance to the construction and investment of R&D, moreover the enhancement of our production capacity.
Now we have a professional team for process research and development, product design and supply chain development management. We already have over 40 independent intellectual property rights through the transformation of scientific technological achievements and collaborative innovation.


If you want to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, you can click on the avatar in the scene, or accept my invitation!

Anti Drone Service And Support


We have extensive industry experience to match almost all OEM requirements, allowing you to simply push the products into the market.

Customization Support

When our standard products cannot meet your requirements, we assess and provide customized product design and development, delivering cost-effective solutions.

Project Support

We have a professional technical team to ensure the smooth running of the project. We have various industry qualifications and test reports required for the project.

Training Support

We have professional product managers to provide systematic industry and service training, ensuring that your team quickly enhances industry marketing capabilities.

Brand Support

Unified Brand Image Visual Presentation; You can also choose to mutually rely on Ragine's media matrix.

Technical Support

Based on international industry trends, we will provide continuous software and hardware updates to ensure that the technology and device we offer remain at the forefront of the evolving C-UAS market.

Industry Support

We are pleased to invite high-quality partners to actively participate in the Ragine-Tech Supply Chain Industry Forum, collaboratively building an open industry ecosystem.

After-Sales Support

We provide a 5*24H customer complaint response service (via phone, email, remote support). Additionally, there will be regular and scheduled customer care services.

Explore More About Ragine Tech

With the rapid development of the global defense market, Ragine Technology continues to strengthen its technological research and development capabilities, enhance the technical content and innovation of its products to meet market demands and customer requirements. While deeply cultivating and expanding the domestic market, we actively improve our overseas market layout and seek international cooperation.

On the morning of January 19, 2024, the Xi'an High-tech Zone Non-public Economic Organizations and Social Organizations Working Committee organized more than 20 party organizations, including the Ragine Branch in Xi'an, to hold the "Caring Together in Winter" activity for two new party organizations in the High-tech Zone at the Qin Du Street Qin Nan Village Party and Mass Service Center. Loving enterprises expressed their original intention of conveying warmth, dedicating love, and sincerely repaying society through practical actions.

2024 Saudi World Defense Show (WDS), organized by the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) of Saudi Arabia, is set to showcase global innovations in defense and aerospace, shaping the future of defense and space technology. This five-day event, scheduled from February 4th to 8th, will focus on land, sea, air, security, and space technologies, providing a unique global platform to exhibit cutting-edge military equipment.

On December 21st to 22nd, 2023, the "Second Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection and Countermeasure Technology Development Forum and the 2023 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection and Countermeasure Product Technology Exhibition," hosted by the China Security and Prevention Products Industry Association, w

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