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Low-Altitude Security System Solutions

Our superior solutions are aimed at helping customers build a higher quality lo-altitude security system. We are committed to meeting the personalized needs of our customers, creating more value for them.


Our solution comprehensively integrates various technologies and strategies, including detection, warning, interference, spoofing, etc. We can also customize alternative solutions based on your and your customers' needs, providing all-around lo-altitude security assurance.


Our algorithms and modules utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), continuously updating comprehensive, world-leading detection, and counter- measure capabilities to address evolving drone threats and challenges.

Real-Time Capability

Our systems can rapidly respond to threats and events, ensuring round-the-clock, multi environment drone countermeasure capabilities, to enable you and your clients to take swift and effective countermeasures.


Our solutions ensure compliance with national, local, and relevant organizational regulations and standards to avoid potential legal and ethical risks.

Support & Services

We provide post-sales services, including training, maintenance, and upgrades, either free of charge or for a fee,to ensure comprehensive support during the implementation and operation phases for you and your clients.


Our strict testing and deployment requirements guarantee the safety and stability of the system, including high durability of device and prevention of secondary hazards to the surrounding environment.


We provide a return on investment through effecientutilization of existing resources and long-term stable system performance, reducing the overall ownership costs for you and your clients.

Successful Cases

We are transparent in sharing successful cases and application experiences in relevant industries to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of our outstanding solutions.

Solution For Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry

Oil and gas fields, refineries, LNG receiving terminals, and other petroleum infrastructure play a crucial role inenergy security and economic development. Therefore, these sites necessitate the highest security standards.

Solution For Power Industry

The power industry’s infrastructure, such as power plants, substations, transmission
lines, etc., are important strategic resources for the country and important guarantees
for people’s livelihood. The safe operation of these sites is directly related to national
security and social stability.

Solution For Civil Aviation Airport

Civil aviation airports are vital transportation hubs for nations and regions. However, in recent years, the widespread use of UAVs has introduced new challenges to the low-altitude safety of airports. Although UAV manufacturers worldwide impose flight restrictions on UAVs within airport airspace...

More Examples & Applications

 Government and Security Agencies
 Large-Scale Events and Sports Competitions
 Urban No-Fly Zone Airspace Security
 Business and Personal Privacy Protection
 Security and Counter-terrorism in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry
If you and your clients aspire to be part of the team behind today’s most advanced drone countermeasure solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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