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Ragine Updates | Focus on "Peace Friendship-2023" Joint Exercise: Ragine's Anti-Drone Technology Stuns

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At the site of the "Peace Friendship-2023" multinational joint exercise, the flags of China, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam fluttered in the wind, with a red banner reading "Common Destiny, Building a Home Together" particularly eye-catching. The multinational joint exercise, which opened on November 13, featured over 3,000 military personnel from China and abroad participating in "Joint Counter-Terrorism and Maritime Security Military Operations," organized into land and sea directions, conducting joint training, joint command exercises, and live joint exercises of land, sea, and air forces.


Outstanding Technological Innovation: Ragine Technology Products Contribute Significantly to the Exercise's Results

During the exercise, Ragine stood out as one of the highlights with its cutting-edge technology and products. Innovative products such as portable anti-drone guns, unmanned aerial vehicle detection and positioning equipment, navigation deception devices, and more showcased outstanding performance at the exercise site, drawing significant attention. The successful application of these products further enhanced the low-altitude combat capabilities of joint counter-terrorism operations, contributing to the technical support for the successful conduct of the exercise.


Portable Anti-Drone Gun

During the exercise, personnel successfully utilized Ragine Technology's portable unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance and countermeasure systems to accurately identify and locate suspicious unmanned aerial vehicle targets, and carried out targeted diversion and interference strikes. Against the backdrop of escalating global terrorism threats, the application of new anti-drone equipment has become an effective means to prevent illegal intrusion and information theft by unmanned aerial vehicles.

Demonstration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Reconnaissance and Countermeasure Devices

At the same time, the introduction of these new devices has also promoted cooperation and exchanges among countries in the military technology field. The successful conduct of the exercise not only showcased military strength but also marked an important achievement for China in promoting international military cooperation and jointly maintaining regional peace and stability. The exercise provided a clear picture for the international community, demonstrating the outstanding collaborative combat capabilities among various countries' militaries.


Live demonstration of Ragine Portable UAV Detection & Positioning Device

First Chinese-hosted Exercise: Multi-National Military Cooperation Sets an International Example

The first hosting of the "Peace Friendship-2023" multinational joint exercise highlighted China's proactive stance in international affairs, making a positive contribution to strengthening international military cooperation and maintaining regional peace and stability. In the face of diversified security threats globally, international military cooperation is particularly urgent, and the successful conduct of this exercise contributed China's strength to building a more harmonious and stable international security environment.


In conclusion, the "Peace Friendship-2023" multinational joint exercise not only strengthened friendship and cooperation among various countries' militaries but also made a positive contribution to regional peace and stability. Through the exercise, the militaries of various countries demonstrated efficient collaborative combat capabilities, showcasing the international community's determination to jointly address challenges. Meanwhile, Ragine Technology's role in this exercise highlighted the importance of technological innovation in contemporary military fields, with the successful application of its products not only demonstrating China's strength in anti-drone technology but also contributing to the maintenance of international and regional security and stability.

As representatives of advanced technology, the successful use of these products demonstrated Ragine Technology's leading position in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, providing effective tools for various countries to deal with new threats. The accurate strikes of portable anti-drone guns, efficient tracking of unmanned aerial vehicle detection and positioning systems, and clever application of navigation deception systems all provide innovative solutions for contemporary counter-terrorism operations. This not only enriches the application scenarios of modern military technology but also expands new areas of international military cooperation. With the rapid development of unmanned aerial vehicle technology, the demand for addressing potential threats such as unmanned aerial vehicles is increasing in various countries. Ragine Technology's successful experience provides a reference for other countries and sets an example for international counter-terrorism cooperation.

A New Milestone in International Security: A Significant Step towards Global and Regional Peace and Stability

In the evolving global security landscape, the international community needs deeper cooperation to jointly address various challenges. The successful conduct of the exercise not only tested the strength and collaborative combat capabilities of the participating countries' militaries but also reflected the active efforts of the international community to maintain global and regional peace. The idea of countries working together to maintain regional peace was powerfully demonstrated in this exercise.

Finally, the successful hosting of the "Peace Friendship-2023" multinational joint exercise demonstrated China's active participation and constructive contribution to international security affairs. The outstanding performance of various countries' militaries, the application of modern technology, and the advanced products of Ragine Technology collectively created a safe and stable exercise environment. This also provides valuable experience for future international military cooperation efforts and makes positive efforts to promote global and regional peace and stability.

Ragine can provide both portable and fixed devices for differentiated solutions in multi-defense environment tasks. After detecting, identifying, locating, and analyzing drone activities, these devices can be used to selectively repel, force land, or return unauthorized drones to counter their threats. This not only complements the existing security systems but more importantly, truly helps you and your customers deal with low-altitude threat media.

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