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Mobile Directional Jammer Drone Countermeasures Gun Anti Drone Blocker

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The device is meticulously engineered to intercept long-range UAVs swiftly and effectively by disrupting their satellite navigation, control, and image-transmission signals. This disruption forces UAVs into a critical decision-making process, compelling them to either perform an emergency vertical landing or return to their initial launch point. This decisive action ensures that unauthorized UAV activity is promptly neutralized, minimizing potential security risks and safeguarding critical assets and infrastructure.

Key Benefits
  • Single-soldier Deployable
  • Directional Jamming
  • Portable Deployment
  • Efficient Interception
  • R-Shield-700A


In addition to its advanced interception capabilities, the device is characterized by user-friendly operation, easy portability, and effective countermeasure capabilities against UAVs. Its intuitive controls and straightforward functionality make it accessible to operators in various security applications, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating rapid response to potential threats. Furthermore, its compact and lightweight design enables easy portability, allowing for quick deployment in diverse environments and operational scenarios.

Moreover, the device seamlessly integrates with other UAV defense systems to bolster overall low-altitude security measures. By collaborating with complementary security technologies and systems, it enhances the effectiveness and coverage of UAV defense strategies, ensuring comprehensive protection against unauthorized UAV activity. This integrated approach enables a synergistic response to evolving security challenges, strengthening overall security posture and resilience in low-altitude environments.

In summary, the device represents a versatile and effective solution for intercepting long-range UAVs and enhancing low-altitude security measures. Its advanced interception capabilities, user-friendly operation, portability, and integration with other defense systems make it a valuable asset in safeguarding critical assets and infrastructure against potential security threats posed by unauthorized UAV activity.

Technical Specifications

Supported Frequency Bands

900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, GNSS L1 (expandable)

Signal Transmission Power

≤ 45 W

Operating Range

> 1000 m

OLED Screen

Displays device status, Battery status, and Operating modes

Power Consumption

≤ 100 W

Battery Endurance

≥ 90 min (continuous use status)

Ingress Protection Rating

IP 55

Operating Temperature

-10℃ to 55℃


6 kg (battery included)

Product Dimensions

854.5 mm × 283 mm × 76 mm (L × W × H)

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