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Turntable Navigation Spoofing Device 5km GPS Jammer

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The innovative features of R-Shield-606A redefine the landscape of UAV countermeasures, offering advanced capabilities to disrupt satellite navigation signals and effectively thwart unauthorized UAV access. By generating deceptive signals across multiple satellite navigation frequency bands, it introduces a new level of disruption, impairing UAVs' ability to receive accurate navigation coordinates and navigate effectively. This disruptive capability is further enhanced by the device's directional diversion functionality, which enables precise denial of access to specific areas and facilitates the capture of UAVs by redirecting them away from restricted zones.
Key Benefits
  • Area Denial
  • Directional Diversion
  • Adjustable Power
  • Full Coverage
  • R-Shield-606A


Moreover, the product's unique design incorporates a directional antenna mounted on a turntable, allowing for the emission of deceptive signals over longer distances. This strategic enhancement significantly extends the reach of the device's disruptive capabilities, enhancing low-altitude security defense efficiency across a wider surveillance area. By leveraging this directional antenna technology, users can effectively protect critical assets and infrastructure from unauthorized UAV intrusion, ensuring comprehensive security coverage and proactive threat mitigation.

In addition to its disruptive and diversion capabilities, the product's expandable nature allows for further customization and optimization to meet specific operational requirements. By incorporating additional components or accessories, users can enhance the device's functionality and adapt it to diverse surveillance scenarios, ensuring flexibility and scalability in addressing evolving security threats.

In summary, the product represents a breakthrough in UAV countermeasure technology, offering advanced features such as disruptive signal generation, directional diversion, and long-distance emission capabilities. Its innovative design and expandable nature make it a versatile and effective solution for enhancing low-altitude security defense, providing users with the tools needed to mitigate security risks and protect critical assets effectively.

Technical Specifications

Supported Frequency Bands

GPS L1, GLONASS L1 (expandable)

Signal Transmission Power

< 5 W

Operating Range

≥ 5 km

Signal Activation Time

< 3 s

Number of Simultaneously Spoofing UAVs by GNSS

≥ 30 sorties

Signal Intrusion Time

< 10 s

Rotation Angles

Horizontal 0°~ 360°/s  Continuous rotation; Pitch -10°~ 90°

Power Consumption

< 75 W

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to 70℃


≤ 20 kg

Product Dimensions

388 mm × 406 mm × 638 mm (L × W × H)

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