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Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-Uav) Construction Solution For Civil Aviation Airport

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Safeguarding the Security and Stability of Civil Aviation Airport

Civil aviation airports are vital transportation hubs for nations and regions. However, in recent years, the widespread use of UAVs has introduced new challenges to the low-altitude safety of airports. Although UAV manufacturers worldwide impose flight restrictions on UAVs within airport airspace, the malicious or improper operation of UAVs still poses a potential threat to the flight safety and normal operations of airports. Therefore, safeguarding the low-altitude airspace of airports has become critically important, we need to ensure the normal operation of flights and the safety of passengers.

Ragine Technology provides a comprehensive solution for the all-around protection of low-altitude   airspace at civil aviation airports. Our C-UAS system enables rapid and precise detection, identification, localization, and tracking of unauthorized drones. Additionally, it provides real-time forensic   technology for legal proceedings. Furthermore, based on different threat levels, the system can  implement  corresponding  countermeasures  such  as  diversion,  return-to-takeoff,  or  conduct an immediate vertical landing. This capability effectively prevents flight delays and potential aviation   threats caused by various UAVs interferences, ensuring the smooth operation of civil aviation airports.

Civil Aviation Airports may face the following drone attacks:

  • Implementation of destructive attacks, including collision or delivery of explosives or other hazardous materials;

  • Potential criminal threats, including surveillance of the surrounding environment, actions of security personnel, and existing security facilities.

  • Malicious interference with airport communication could potentially delay normal flight takeffs and landings, and even cause serious aviation accidents.

How Ragine Can Help



Match the suitable monitoring means: We can provide a variety of detection technologies and strategies, including radar, spectrum, and electro-optical methods. In addition, we ensure the coordinated operation of various security system components, enabling data transmission and monitoring for C-UAV efforts.



One-click blacklist and whitelist configuration: Utilizing wide-range radio frequency scan-ning for feature recognition and decoding, the system automatically issues immediate warn-ings and alerts upon detecting unauthorized UAVs.


Visualized intelligent system: Through deep analysis of UAV signals, it can accurately detect all UAVs’ SN codes, models,locations, trajectories, time, distance, and other relevant information within the warning range, as well as the correspond-ing UAV operators’ locations.



Effient Countermeasures and Backup Plans: We deploy directional frequency jamming devices at core defense  points to suppress unauthorized drones entering the defense area  based on  preset frequency bands, forcing UAVs to either conduct an immediate vertical landing or return to their starting point. The system can also be upgraded to directional frequency-writable jamming devices, these advanced devices, using frequency information from the front-end networked detection results, enable more targeted suppres- sion of UAVs, thereby reducing potential harm to the surrounding electromagnetic environment. In addition, we can provide emergency countermeasure devices for special situations to ensure low-altitude security defense.


Enhance security: In order to accommodate keeping pace with the ever-evolving UAV technology and other low-altitude threats, Ragine ensures the continual preparedness of your system counter the latest threats through regular technical updates and system upgrades, which enhances the overall reliability and security of the system.

10+ Civil Aviation Airports Rely on Ragine

As you can see, the implementation of low-altitude protection solutions for civil aviation airports will bring multiple effects:

  • It improves the safety of the airport, mitigating potential risks brought by drone threats. 

  • It ensures the normal operation of flights, preventing disruptions caused by drone incidents.

  • It enhances the airport's emergency response capabilities, enabling timely handling of potential drone threats. 

  • It boosts the reputation of the airport and passenger satisfaction, making it a safer air traffic hub.

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