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Foldable Coaxial Dual Rotor Small Recon Drone Mission Pod Carrier Foldable Coaxial Dual Rotor Small Recon Drone Mission Pod Carrier


Foldable Coaxial Dual Rotor Small Recon Drone Mission Pod Carrier

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Main Features
  • High destruction resistance, High intelligence, Cooperativity
  • Simple design, Portability, Fast unfolding
  • High maneuverability, Stable flight
  • Flight altitude over 100m, safe and hidden
  • Strong wind resistance
  • Long endurance
  • Fixed-point hovering
  • Route planning
  • R-UAV-001


The Coaxial Dual-Rotor R-UAV-001 boasts a cylindrical profile. Its components include rotors, a battery, a flying platform, a data link communication module, an AI flight control system, and various other elements. These rotors feature foldable designs, and the fuselage possesses the capability to transport small pods and other mission payloads, rendering it a compact reconnaissance and attack UAV equipped with target recognition and arbitrary target tracking capabilities. The UAV supports the mounting of an electro-optical pod and data link equipment, and is equipped with a dedicated ground station system.

This UAV effortlessly accommodates various payloads, up to 1.5kg, ensuring adaptability to diverse scenarios. Plus, with a maximum take-off weight of 7.8kg, it's ready to tackle missions with agility and efficiency.

But what truly sets the R-UAV-001 apart is its intelligence. Equipped with target recognition and tracking capabilities, it can identify and pursue targets with unparalleled precision. Whether it's human or vehicle detection, this UAV delivers, boasting a recognition distance of up to 200m and the ability to track targets through ReID technology.

With a maximum flight speed of nearly 16m/s and an endurance of around 15 minutes, the R-UAV-001 dominates the skies, ensuring swift and sustained operation. Factor in its wind resistance capability up to Level 6 and hovering accuracy of 0.5m in GPS mode, and you've got a UAV that thrives even in challenging conditions.

But that's not all – the R-UAV-001 is designed for seamless communication and control. With a communication distance of up to 3km and support for vision guidance and ranging, it keeps you connected and informed throughout your mission.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (Folded)


(Fuselage diameter 100mm)

Dimensions (Unfolded)



4.45kg (Battery excluded)



Maximum Take-Off Weight




(1.5kg payload, normal atmospheric temperature, normal pressure, windless)

Maximum Flight Speed


Wind Resistance Capability

Level 6 (10.8m/s~13.8m/s)

Hovering Accuracy

0.5m (GPS mode)

Operating Temperature


Operating Altitude


Computing Capability


Target Detection

Human/Vehicle (Customizable)

Recognition Distance of Vehicles


Target Tracking

Supported (ReID)

Vision Guidance


Vision Ranging


Communication Distance

≤ 3km

Communication Bandwidth

≤ 5Mbps

Power-On Self-Test


Self-Destruction Upon Crashing


Open Protocol


Operation Terminal

Ground station (Android)

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