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Handheld Drone Countermeasures Gun Mobile 1km Jammer Spoofer Finder

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This innovative product represents a holistic approach to addressing the growing challenge of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by integrating detection and neutralization capabilities into a single solution. With its ability to detect and neutralize UAVs at long ranges, it provides a proactive defense against potential threats in diverse operational environments. By disrupting satellite navigation, control, and image-transmission signals, it effectively compels UAVs to either land immediately or return to their point of origin, ensuring swift and decisive action to mitigate potential risks.
Key Benefits
  • Single-soldier Deployable
  • Directional Jamming
  • Portable Deployment
  • Efficient Interception
  • Optional Configuration
  • Superb Endurance
  • R-Warder-700C


Moreover, the device's open modular configuration showcases its adaptability and versatility in tackling UAV threats. Through spectrum sensing technology, it not only detects UAVs but also provides advanced warning and identity recognition functionalities, enhancing situational awareness for operators. Additionally, the navigation spoofing unit enables the implementation of directional diversion and area denial tactics against UAVs, further bolstering its countermeasure capabilities and ensuring comprehensive protection against evolving threats.

Its versatile nature and efficient countermeasure capabilities make it well-suited for a wide range of security applications. Whether safeguarding critical infrastructure, securing public events, or protecting sensitive facilities, this product offers a reliable and effective defense against unauthorized UAV intrusions. Furthermore, its seamless integration with other UAV defense devices enhances low-altitude security measures comprehensively, providing a cohesive and robust defense strategy against UAV threats. Overall, this integrated solution sets a new standard in UAV defense, ensuring the safety and security of various operational environments.

Technical Specifications

Supported Frequency Bands of Jamming

900MHz、1.5GHz、2.4GHz、5.2GHz、5.8GHz (expandable)

Operating Range

≥ 1000 m

OLED Screen

Displays device status, Battery status, and Operating modes

OLED Screen Size

3.5 "

Battery Endurance

≥ 30 min (continuous working)

Power Supply

Lithium battery (replaceable)

Ingress Protection Rating

IP 55

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to 60℃


≤ 7 kg (battery included)

Product Dimensions

880 mm × 100 mm × 330 mm (L × W × H)

Supported Frequency Bands of Detection

2.4GHz, 5.8GHz

OLED Screen

Added information —— Detection informatio

Detection Unit(direction-finding)
Operating Range ≥ 1000 m
Supported Frequency Bands of Detection 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz
OLED Screen Added information —— Detection information

Optional Configuration

Navigation Spoofing Unit
Operating Range ≥ 1000 m
Signal Transmission Power ≤ 10 mW
Supported Frequency Bands GPS L1, GLONASS L1, BDS B1(expandable)

If you need a drone countermeasure gun with only directional jamming capabilities, check out the R-Shield-700A.

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