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Ku Band Azimuthal Phased Array Surveillance 6km Radar Ku Band Azimuthal Phased Array Surveillance 6km Radar


Ku Band Azimuthal Phased Array Surveillance 6km Radar

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The R-Eye-103C represents a significant advancement in low-altitude surveillance radar technology, providing unparalleled detection and tracking capabilities in diverse operational environments. Operating within the Ku-band spectrum, this phased array radar system adopts a fully solid-state, fully coherent pulse Doppler configuration, ensuring robust performance and reliability in all weather conditions. With a target update rate of 3 seconds, the R-Eye-103C facilitates timely and accurate detection and tracking of fast-moving "small, slow" targets, essential for maintaining situational awareness and addressing potential threats effectively.


Key Benefits
  • Ku-band Phased Array
  • Fully Solid-state
  • All-weather Warning
  • Cost-effective
  • R-Eye-103C


A notable feature of the R-Eye-103C is its utilization of azimuth mechanical scanning and elevation phased scanning methods. This strategic combination offers several advantages, including enhanced coverage and higher cost-effectiveness compared to traditional two-dimensional phased array and multi-beam radars. By leveraging azimuth mechanical scanning for horizontal coverage and elevation phased scanning for vertical coverage, the radar system achieves comprehensive surveillance capabilities while optimizing resource utilization and operational costs. This streamlined approach ensures efficient surveillance operations, making the R-Eye-103C a valuable asset for various defense, security, and surveillance applications.

Unmatched Versatility: Designed to meet the diverse operational demands of modern surveillance missions, the R-Eye-103C boasts a modular design that facilitates seamless integration with existing radar networks and command systems. This ensures interoperability and scalability, allowing it to adapt effortlessly to evolving operational requirements. Its robust construction and advanced components guarantee consistent performance in challenging environments, making it suitable for deployment in various scenarios with confidence.

Precision and Accuracy: With a detection range exceeding 6km (RCS: 0.01m²) and an angular coverage spanning azimuth 0°360° and elevation 0°30°, this radar system offers unparalleled precision and accuracy. Its speed measurement range of 1m/s~100m/s ensures reliable tracking of targets, while its impressive accuracy in distance, azimuth, and elevation guarantees actionable intelligence for decision-makers.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency: The R-Eye-103C boasts a streamlined approach to surveillance operations, offering a high target update rate of 3s/6s and minimal blind zone of 200m. This, combined with its low power consumption of ≤700W and weight of ≤40kg, makes it a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking to enhance their surveillance capabilities without compromising on performance.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Band


Detection Range

≥6km (RCS: 0.01m²)

Blind Zone


Angular Coverage

Azimuth: 0°~360°, Elevation: 0°~30°

Speed Measurement Range


Scanning Method

Azimuth: mechanical scanning, Elevation: phased scanning


Distance: <10m, Azimuth: <0.5°, Elevation: <0.5°

Target Update Rate






Power Supply

AC 220V

Power Consumption



≤530mm*370mm*142mm (excluding servos)

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +55°C

Tracking Capability

Equipped with tracking capability

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