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Optoelectronic Detection & Tracking Device EO IR Target Tracker Optoelectronic Detection & Tracking Device EO IR Target Tracker


Optoelectronic Detection & Tracking Device EO IR Target Tracker

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The product is capable of efficiently discovering, confirming and tracking UAVs, providing critical information for the C-UAV system. It can either operate independently or combine with a radar system.

It provides rapid target localization and real-time forensics in complex environments,moreover it allows to be equipped with the laser rangefinder module if required that realize the function of discovering, locating, tracking, identifying and tracing targets in 24/7.

This product efficiently detects, confirms, and tracks UAVs, providing crucial information to the system. It possesses the flexibility for both independent operation and integration with radar systems. It can swiftly locate targets in complex environments, offering real-time evidence. Additionally, modules such as laser ranging can be added as needed, enabling all-weather, all-time, and all-dimensional discovery, positioning, tracking, identification, and tracing of targets.

Key Benefits
  • Dual Optical Detection
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Self-service Evidence Collection
  • High Scalability
  • R-Glow-200A


Technical Specifications

Detection Range

Visible Light : 3 km, Infrared :2 km

Horizontal Rotation Range

360° Continuous Rotation


Visible Light: 1920×1080; Thermal Imaging: 640×512

Power Supply

AC 220V / DC 48V

Power Consumption

300 W

Ingress Protection Rating

IP 67

Operating Temperature

-45℃ to 70℃


≤ 80 kg

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to 70℃


≤ 16 kg

Product Dimensions

600 mm × 600 mm × 750 mm (L × W × H)

Laser Rangefinder

Measuring Range: ≥ 2.5 km; Range Accuracy: ± 5 m; Accurate Measurement Rate: ≥ 95%

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