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C Band Pulse Doppler 10km Radar Rapid Target Detector C Band Pulse Doppler 10km Radar Rapid Target Detector


C Band Pulse Doppler 10km Radar Rapid Target Detector

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The R-Eye-101A, a groundbreaking low-altitude surveillance radar, operates within the C-band spectrum and employs a sophisticated multi-beam configuration to ensure comprehensive coverage of its designated area. Unlike traditional radar systems, it utilizes a fully solid-state, fully coherent pulse Doppler architecture, allowing for unparalleled accuracy and reliability in detecting "small, slow" targets across various weather conditions. This advanced configuration not only enhances target detection capabilities but also facilitates early warning mechanisms, crucial for timely response and decision-making in critical situations.


Key Benefits
  • Multi-beam Radar
  • Solid-state Technology
  • All-weather Warning
  • Multi-point Deployment
  • R-Eye-101A


One of the key features of the R-Eye-101A is its innovative employment of transmit shaping and receive digital multi-beam technology. This cutting-edge approach optimizes the radar's performance by precisely controlling the transmission and reception of radar signals, resulting in enhanced sensitivity and target discrimination. Moreover, this technology enables the radar to effectively filter out noise and clutter, thereby minimizing false alarms and ensuring high detection accuracy even in challenging environments.

Furthermore, the R-Eye-101A boasts a modular design with multiple radar units, facilitating multi-point deployment and collaborative networking. This strategic configuration enhances the radar's coverage area, enabling rapid detection of targets across a wide low-altitude region. By leveraging collaborative networking capabilities, multiple radar units can seamlessly share data and coordinate responses, thereby maximizing surveillance efficiency and minimizing blind spots.

Additionally, the R-Eye-101A is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, allowing for easy integration into existing surveillance and defense systems. Its modular architecture enables seamless expansion and customization to meet evolving operational requirements and emerging threats. This adaptability ensures that the radar system remains relevant and effective in dynamic operational environments, providing long-term value and operational readiness.

In summary, the R-Eye-101A represents a paradigm shift in low-altitude surveillance radar technology, combining advanced features such as fully coherent pulse Doppler configuration, transmit shaping, receive digital multi-beam technology, and modular design to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Its ability to effectively detect "small, slow" targets in all weather conditions, coupled with its multi-point deployment capabilities and collaborative networking features, makes it an indispensable asset for a wide range of defense, security, and surveillance applications.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Band


Detection Range

180 m

Blind Zone


Angular Coverage

Azimuth: 0°~360°, Elevation: 0°~30°

Speed Measurement Range


Scanning Method

Azimuth: mechanical scanning, Elevation: transmit shaping, receive simultaneous multi-beam


Distance <10m, Azimuth: <0.5°, Elevation: <0.5°

Target Update Rate






Power Supply

AC 220V

Power Consumption



Array size: 1000mm*1200mm*400mm (excluding servos)

Operating temperature

-40°C to +55°C

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