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Portable UAV Detection Positioning Spoofing Single Soldier Device Portable UAV Detection Positioning Spoofing Single Soldier Device
Portable UAV Detection Positioning Spoofing Single Soldier Device Portable UAV Detection Positioning Spoofing Single Soldier Device


Portable UAV Detection Positioning Spoofing Single Soldier Device

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This highly versatile portable integrated device, the R-Warder-300A, offers an impressive array of capabilities tailored for long-range surveillance and interception of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Its multifunctional design encompasses a wide range of tasks, including detecting and precisely positioning UAVs, remotely identifying and locating UAV pilots, displaying detailed flight paths, managing predefined blacklists and whitelists, and generating navigation spoofing signals.
Key Benefits
  • Trackable Trajectories
  • Black & White List Support
  • Portable Deployment
  • Superb Battery Endurance
  • Directional Diversion
  • R-Warder-300A


One of its key strengths lies in its ability to meticulously analyze UAV signals, allowing for the accurate detection and extraction of pertinent information for all UAVs within its warning range. This includes crucial data such as the precise positioning of their respective remote pilots, providing operators with actionable intelligence to effectively respond to potential threats. Moreover, its advanced capabilities extend to generating navigation spoofing signals, enabling the R-Warder-300A to execute precise diversion tactics against UAVs and maintain efficient control across diverse operational scenarios.

The device's comprehensive functionality ensures that operators have access to real-time insights into UAV activities, empowering them to make informed decisions and respond effectively to emerging threats. Its ability to display detailed flight paths further enhances situational awareness, enabling operators to track UAV movements and anticipate their next actions. Additionally, the R-Warder-300A's management of predefined blacklists and whitelists enables operators to implement targeted strategies for UAV interception and neutralization, enhancing overall security measures.

In conclusion, the R-Warder-300A sets a new standard in UAV surveillance and interception capabilities, offering a versatile and comprehensive solution for safeguarding critical infrastructure, public events, and sensitive facilities against unauthorized UAV intrusions. Its advanced features, including precise UAV detection, remote pilot identification, and navigation spoofing capabilities, ensure efficient control and effective response to evolving UAV threats in dynamic operational environments.

Technical Specifications

Supported Frequency Bands of Detection

2.4GHz, 5.8GHz (expandable)

Supported Frequency Bands of Navigation Spoofing


Detection Range

≥ 3 km

Navigation Decoy Range

≥ 1 km

Number of Simultaneously Detectable UAVs

≥ 10 sorties

Number of Simultaneously Spoofing UAVs by GNSS

≥ 10 sorties

Screen Size

10.1 " (1280 ×800)

Battery Endurance

≥ 4 h (built-in lithium battery)

Charging Method

DC12.6V/10A power adapter (customizable)

Ingress Protection Rating

IP 65 (box closed state)

Power Consumption

≤ 150 W

Operating Temperature

-20℃ to 65℃


≤ 20 kg (battery, antenna, charger included)

Enclosure Dimensions

430 mm × 345 mm × 188 mm ± 5 mm (L × W × H)

If you're looking for a portable suitcase that meets the needs of unmanned aerial vehicle detection and positioning, please check out the R-Eye-370A.

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