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Composite Sky Wing Wind Resist Drone Long Sky Explorer Composite Sky Wing Wind Resist Drone Long Sky Explorer


Composite Sky Wing Wind Resist Drone Long Sky Explorer

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Main Features
  • Excellent aerodynamic design. Entirely made of composite materials with high strength and long service life
  • Large-sized mission module, suitable for carrying a variety of large-sized mission equipment, including LIDAR, full-frame tilt camera, etc. to achieve multiple purposes
  • Unique structural design, quick disassembly, easy installation and transportation
  • Good pitch, roll and yaw posture. Ultra-high route accuracy
  • R-UAV-007


The Composite Wing R-UAV-007 adopts advanced aerodynamic layout, featuring excellent stability and endurance. The whole aircraft is made of high-strength composite materials with long service life. Quick-disassembly structure makes it easy to carry and assemble. Strong wind resistance capability makes it can fly normally in fixed-wing mode in strong breeze (Level 6 10.8 m/s~13.8m/s). It is also ideal for mapping, monitoring, patrolling and other long-endurance applications. The UAV supports the mounting of a high-performance electro-optical pod and high-speed data link equipment, and is equipped with a dedicated ground station system. R-UAV-007 has a payload of around 3kg, a maximum take-off weight of 25kg, a maximum cruising speed of 130km/h, and an endurance of around 2 hours.

Technical Specifications





Fuselage Material

Carbon fibre


13kg (Battery excluded)



Maximum Take-Off Weight



2.5h (No load, normal atmospheric temperature, normal pressure, windless)

2h (Full load, normal atmospheric temperature, normal pressure, windless

Standard Cruising Speed


Maximum Cruising Speed


Stall Speed


Maximum Operating Altitude


Wind Resistance Capability

Level 6 (10.8 m/s~13.8m/s)(Fixed wing)

Level 4 (5.5 m/s~7.9m/s)

(Take-off and landing with rotors)

Operating Temperature

0℃~50℃ (Can fly in light rain with safe operation time over 13 minutes, temperature below 0℃ may lead to shortened cruise)

Standard Battery Configuration

12S 45000mAh (8.06kg)

Landing Gear Installation Position


Vision Guidance

On the belly of the aircraft

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